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Our Business Concept

Trading Activities



Miro exports Israeli processed fruit and vegetable products such as Citrus, Tomato and Corn, to customers all over the world.
The Company also develops new products upon request.


Miro imports from all over the world to the Israeli market as well as exporting to international markets. Import is carried out from South Africa, Indonesia, India, Thailand, China, South America, Europe, Turkey, Morocco, USA etc.

International Trading

Based on good commercial relations Miro has developed with potential suppliers and customers outside Israel, Miro is selling processed fruit products, mainly fruit juice concentrates & purees (such as orange, grapefruit, lemon, apple, pineapple, etc), to different customers in Europe.

Business Concept

Miro is committed to serve the interests of its suppliers and customers in a most loyal and efficient mode. Unrestricted by binding Brand constraints, Miro is free to focus on serving the actual needs of the sellers and buyers in a most efficient and professional way.

Due to Miro’s sound financial position, Miro, once preferred and requested by the supplier, may perform as an active distributor of the product throughout the market place, dealing with the shipping documents, clearance, storage and distribution of the goods.

Furthermore commencing from year 2020, Miro is also connected to the financial advantagous of CRX markets.

  1. Miro deals only with first-class suppliers, meeting established standards of quality & service.
  2. Miro’s policy is to establish long-term personal and commercial relations with suppliers, based on mutual understanding & support.
  3. Miro is fully committed to its customers in terms of continuous supply of high quality products at competitive prices and high level of service.
  4. Miro is fully committed to the quality of products supplied to its customers.
  5. Miro invests continuous efforts in expanding its line of products, based on changing market trends & demands.

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