About us

Miro Trade Ltd is a private company which was established in 1948

For more than seventy years we have been importing the best the world has to offer to Israel and exporting Israel’s best to the rest of the world.

We currently import more than 350 products, many of them produced exclusively for Miro by about 100 first-line suppliers. Our customers know they can expect uncompromising high quality products which meet the highest standards.

Miro deals in a wide range of products: from innovative trendy new products through traditional ethnic products to the most familiar food staples and industrial foods.

The company is quick to recognize and adapt to changing tastes and trends by constantly introducing new products and refreshing the familiar.

Adapting to the complex needs of suppliers and customers, we are able to work with both familiar established brand name products as well as products imported and distributed under the chain stores’ private labels.

In Israel, Miro supplies its products nationwide to a wide range of clients, including chain stores, wholesalers, mini markets, HORECA market, industrial market and others.

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